Our workshops during Winterkamp 2020

February 2, 2020

We would to invite You to Winterkamp 2020

Our instructors will beconducting two workshops. First one, conducted by Jerzy, will be treating about the French Espadon system, it will be focused around one of its most important features - cuts. Particularity of the system lies in the fact that all these offensive actions are a specific composite of best actions brought from many other systems of Europe. These are gathered by the French masters who were learning and teaching all around Europe gathering knowledge on this subject during their journeys. Due to that each of these is worth a workshopon it sown.

Second workshop, conducted by Wojciech, is our cherry on top! It is our first time presenting a partof the brand new woprkshop we will be opening very soon! Sharp sabre cutting! This time we have gathered together many Sabre traditions from across the Europe and not only! Summarised and researched, we have created many new traning tools and targets to practice and develop onot only good edge alignment but also good structure and positioning, so that the strike would not be just a gathered point but an effective cut!




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