Beneath we present a list of Silkfencing Syntehtic Products, that we both produce and use during our training, seminars and tournaments organised by us.

All those are training weapons made of hard polymers. It can be used both for blossfechten and fullcontact armoured training. Imitation of steel weapons of elasticity allowing for thrusts and/or fighting against steel weaponry.

Our products can be bought on SILKFENCING SYNTHETICS

Synthetic Saber


Special line of synthetic sabers, being an imitation of Polish Hussar style sabers, popular between XVIIth and XVIIIth century in Poland. The weapon is fully functional, sparring and battle ready. Special design allows safe thrusting, along with a well placed point of percussion and mass it makes the weapon safe, while remaining a good training tool for practice. It does not break and can work under any weather condition.

Pałasz Ciężki



Pałasz ciężki  - Prosta szabla wzorowana na wielu rodzajach ciężkiej broni kawaleryjskiej. Począwszy od szabli wz. 1796 , pałaszach austriackich oraz wielu innych. Efektem jest symulator o bardzo zbliżonych właściwościach. Występuje w kilku wariantach - w oprawie polskiej z kabłąkiem, w oprawie jak z tarczką i kabłąkiem oraz w oprawie prostej koszowej.

Specyfika produktu:

- Wykonana ze specjalnego niełamiącego się polimeru,
- Oprawa wykonana z galwanizowanej stali, odpornej na rdzę i korozję,
- 100 cm długości całkowitej, 12 cm rękojeści, 87 cm ostrza,
- masa 850 gramów,
- środek masy: 15 cm,
- oprawa wykonana ręcznie,
- produkt polski, całkowicie wykonany przez firmę Silkfencing.

Synthetic Federschwert Longsword


Special type of hard polimer training weapon. A copy of federschwert style training sword of XVIth and XVIIth centuries. Popular in many fencing guilds like Marxbruder or Freifechter. It was used for regular practice and as well special tournaments for burghers called fechtschule.

It is a fully functional trainig weapon good for solo and sparring practice, and as well fit for tournaments. Its ergonomic construction has a wonderful handling characteristic. 

Adding tape on edges allows for great binding experience, important in some types of fencing practice.

Length of the sword can be chosen, ranging from 125 to 140 cm

Synthetic Dussack


Dussack Meyer Type,
A synthetic dussack prepared by the Silkfencing Team for the purpose of
the dussack play practice. The design is based on depictions from Joachim Meyer Gründtliche Beschreibung der Kunst des Fechtens treatise from 1570. The weapon is prepared to sustain a lot of damage and as well a special soft cover is being prepared (soon to relese) allowing the
weapon to be used in low protection combat. It has a specially designed
structure that has no notches or perforations that disrupt the stability
of the structure of the weapon giving it an enormous toughness.

UPDATE: new handle wrapping well fitting in every hand. The point of balance has been adjusted. Each dussack is now more maneuverable and far more comfortable in hand!

Mass 0,6 kg, length 70 cm

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