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Shopping platform has been opened!

April 12, 2019

Our shop is open now and we have a great news for You! We have incorporated a completely new method of payment! Borderless accounts charge no fees and have the best exchange rate we have seen so far!

You can pay locally from around 54 countries in the world as the account behaves like a local account to many places in the world! It is much easier and waaay cheaper to its alternatives like Paypal.

We laso have a speical quic payment system calle Dotpay, which allows transfers with your credit card and so called quick payments in four currencies!

Beneath you have more information about the Transferwise system

Under this link you have information about other methods of payment available in our Shop:

Change of Shop Platform

February 10, 2019

Dear Clients! 
In two days we shall commence change of the shop platform, which is used by our online store. Therefore for several days our shop will not be available. This will not influence any of your present orders, but will disallow new orders to placed.

We will send You a message with new adress of the online store.

New training season in Cracovian School of fencing!

January 8, 2018

New training season in Cracovian School of fencing!

Beneath is the link to our full time courses on E-fitness platform!


IIIrd Irish Polish saber seminar organised by Cork Blademasters

October 2, 2017

We have returned from the Irish seminar. We would like to post this information from our instructor!
A great thanks for the third edition of Irish seminar, this time under the wings of Cork Blademasters! A great work again by Andrzej Różycki! It was a pleasure to atend this seminar and be able to teach students from all over Ireland! 

A great thanks to Jade Różycki for great hospitality. Mike and Uisce for letting me stay in Dublin just before flight home! 

Naturally thanks to everyone who attended the seminar! It was a great pleasure to teach You all! I wish you will develop my research on! 
Lastly I will thank all the previous organisers of previous events, as it is a continuous set of seminars and it is allowed by this great cooperation: Mike, Konrad and Andrzej - Magnificent Work!


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