We would like toinvite You to our new project of online live Sabre fencing classes!

This project relies on the long distance courses aimed for the western hemisphere. They can be viewed online with any device, since we rely on ZOOM


They are organized as a live meetings where the instructor shall be recorded simultaneously by two cameras and will be observing you from his computer, suggesting corrections and other notes.

In this case a HD and a LD camera is operating at the same time, where instructor will be presenting actions from two angles.

There will be a special 101 class 30 min before the event just to refresh or introduce all the new students to some basics.



Those who are willing to refresh some basics will be able to attend a 101 class happening 30 mins earlier at 18:00 ETC +2

If you want to attend that part, please let me know in the registration it costs just 5 USD more.

To be able to attend that event you will have to take the entire class )so 25 USD payment is needed fort the entire class.


The minimum gear for the event is a stick.

For the sake of a better understanding of the weapon itself a synthetic or steel sabre would be suggested.

If you are willing to learn a technical repertoire for a HEMA tournament environment I suggest using our preferred weapon with a glove you use during competition.

Otherwise you would need some space for exercises.


TIME of the classes

This class will be happening at 18:30 ETC +2 (Poland/Germany/Ukraine).

Which means in case of

UK at 5:30 PM

New York/ Ontario : 12:30 AM

Los Angeles: 9:30 AM



The event will take place on the ZOOM platform.

Every registered participant will receive an email with the invitation to the class.

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