March 16, 2019

Third edition of the only Polish synthetic weapon tournament. Third time we are meeting in Wieliczka, this time in Solne Miasto due to the cooperation with Wieliczka city and Centrum Kultury i Turystyki w Wieliczce.Our most important feature is that in this tournament both kenjutsu pratictioner and HEMA fencer may meet with weapons of their own.

Synthetic Weapons

During the event you Gould be able to use any weapons listed underneath. There would be no other sets allowed, than those listed. All the weapons are produced by Silkfencing Synthetic company.

  • Longsword
  • Arming Sword
    • Arming sword and a Buckler
    • Arming sword and a Shield
  • Katana
    • Katana and Wakizashi
    • Two katanas
  • Sidesword
    • Sidesword and a Buckler
    • Sidesword and a Shield
  • Easter style saber
    • Eastern style saber and a Buckler 
    • Two Eastern style sabers
  • Western Style Saber  with knucklebow or baskethilt
  • Broadswords with nucklebow or baskethilts.



Elimination rounds - those are open for every fencers, which has met the equipment requirements. Maximum fighter s- 52

In thefirst phase of the tournament fighters are organised in groups of 7. Each fighter is competeing against every other member of the group. After all the fights 4 best fighters from every group are qualified into the next phase.  First of all we count overall wins, then we count overall Big Points, then Small Points (in case of draws)

Final Phase

Final Phase is played in championship system, with the remaining 32 people from the Elimination Rounds. Each fight consists of 2 bouts of 2 minutes, with 1 minute break.

The organizer is giving an access to a full assortment of previously listed weapons. Before each fight, fighter may choose the weapon, choice, however needs to be communicated to the Main Judge before starting of the fight.


Required protection: Gambeson or fencing jacket plus any form of body protection like synthetic armour, throat protection, knee and elbow joint protection. Head must be protected with a fencing mask with back of the head protection.

Steel protectors are allowed after thorough inspection for any form of sharp edges or spikes that may damage synthetic weapons.

Hand protection, which are not standard HEMA used protection would be allowed in the tournament once they will meet the basic requirements.



Each fight is fought for 2 minutes. Each of the contestants will have a right to take a technical break (max 30 sec) in order to correct the protection or for any safety reasons. The time is stopped only for technical resons or on Main Judges call. 

Thrust and cuts with the edge are allowed. Qualified target is the entire body, except groin, armpits and feet. It is forbidden to hit with the pommel or the rant of the shield. It is possible to hit with the flat of the shield.

We are distributing two types of points, 

  • Big Points will be distributed for an efficient strike (both thrust and cut) to the lethal area, that is head or torso.Also a Big Point will be distributed for a very efficeint and strong strike to the other parts of the body, which would in the eyes of the Main Judge bear a lethal force. 
    • With every Big Point distributed, the fight is stopped by the Main Judge and the fighters return to the corners while the Judge distributes the Big Points. The time is not stopped for that.
  • Small Points are given for every efficient strike to any part of the body (there is Small Point for every Big Point). The fight is not stopped nor disrupted by a Small Point strike.
  • Doubles happen when a fighter who delivers a Big Points is hit with both Small Point and Big Point strike. Doubles give a penalty Big Point which are substracted from both fighters Big Points Value. Big Points Value may go beneath zero.


Each fight is judged by one Main Judge and two to four Line Judges. The objective of the Main Judge is to start and stop all the fights and distribute Big Points to contestants and stop the bouts in case of emergencies.

Each fight will be started by the Main Judge, by first checking if both fighters are ready and Line judges are focused by calling ”Sędziowie Gotowi?” (Judges ready?) and “Gotów?” (Ready?). The Bout commences with the signal  „BIJ!” (Fight!) and stops on „STÓJ!” (STOP)

Objectives of the Line Judges is to observe the fight, count the Small Points and help the Main Judge. Each Line Judge can suggest the Main Judge to stop the bout by signaling with the hand. If the safety of the fighters is compromised Line Judge can stop the bout themselves crying “STÓJ” (STOP). Line Judge who stops a fight without any reason will be disciplined.

After stopping the bout, the fighters go back to their corners, and the Main Judge distributes Big Points. The amount of distributed Big Points is told aloud to the recorder of the Fight. The time count is not stopped for that reason. Time will be stopped only for special techical breaks or on a specific call of Main Judge.


Location & Venue

All the information regarding our venue can be found beneathponiższym adresem:

Getting  there by car

Solne Miasto is in Wieliczka very close to Kraków. Getting there by car is very easy. You only need to go via route 94 and go into the Wieliczka with the first turn, then on Kościuszki  Street you go through the first roundabout (first take off) then straight through another roundabout till you reach the first turn to the left, which is Aleja Solidarności. Location of the venue would be to your right.

Getting there by public transport

Getting there by public transport

You can easilly reach he venue with 274 and 304 Bus lines, which go through the city center. You also cen get there straight from Balice Airport with the train line (Wieliczka Kopalnia - Lotnisko Chopina)

After reaching the Wieliczka Park train and bus station, you just need to go straight into the Adam Mickiewicz park in fron fo You (in the southeast direction), after around 100 meters, behind the park you can see the Venue.



Registration can be done already today. All you need is to make a payment of 120 PLN (around 30 EUR) on an account that would be sent to you in registration confirmation. Within the payment we register you to the tournament and supply all the registrants with water and free access to the weaponry during the event.

In order to register you need to fill out the form 



Cooperation and sponsors.

Our main cooperators are the center of tourism and culture in Wielczka city  

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Our partners