Transcription of the mr N. J. Didier comment on the Ivanowski treatise

September 10, 2018

Ivanowksi Manual in the moment of its appearance was widely commented by many fencing specialists. They appeared in Specateur militaire, one of the biggest European military magazines of 19th century. IT appeared from 1826 to 1914 in France, published in Paris.Many specialists of militar ad fencing have been writing their articles and commentaireis in it.

Beneath is the full transcription of the commentary. 


Poland and swordbearing tradition

March 19, 2018

"Starzy Poliacy jeśli pieszo z kordem chodzili, tedy za niemi tudzież pacholie abo giermek z mieczem szedł, [...]"


"Old Polish if they were on foot with the saber (kord), then walking behind them either a boy or a squire carried a sword [...]"

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