Transcription of the mr N. J. Didier comment on the Ivanowski treatise

September 10, 2018

Ivanowksi Manual in the moment of its appearance was widely commented by many fencing specialists. They appeared in Specateur militaire, one of the biggest European military magazines of 19th century. IT appeared from 1826 to 1914 in France, published in Paris.Many specialists of militar ad fencing have been writing their articles and commentaireis in it.

Beneath is the full transcription of the commentary. 


Poland and swordbearing tradition

March 19, 2018

"Starzy Poliacy jeśli pieszo z kordem chodzili, tedy za niemi tudzież pacholie abo giermek z mieczem szedł, [...]"


"Old Polish if they were on foot with the saber (kord), then walking behind them either a boy or a squire carried a sword [...]"

Seminar in Brasov, Transylvania

November 28, 2017

A great weekend seminar in Transylvania! A majestic place with a very interesting and important history to Poland!

I had a wonderful pleasure to teach the Terra Ultrasilvana team from Brasov! They proved to be wonderful hosts, apt students and great fencers!

It was a very insightful event as I had an opportunity to research and retry one of my favorite sabre manuals of De Saint Martin and mixture of Eastern European fencing!

What proved very interesting was the part concerning the Turkish fencing as it was first time I could teach it abroad, not only to my Polish students!

I am really looking forward to visit Braszów again!

Some interesting instances from the Prussian fencing

April 17, 2017

As this entry, covering the topic of Historical European Martial Arts, is a very intriguing one, it was made an official entry on the webpage. As is Easter is behind us, it was time when I had an opportunity to explore the literature dedicated to my favorite weapon, that is szabla. This time on the table were old-prints from the Prussian and Saxon masters of fencing. Those few days of free time gave me an opportunity to finish researching a period that I was focusing on for some time. Chronologically: Timlich, Roux, Seidler, Christmann and one more that would be a small surprise in the upcoming book.

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